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There are numerous opportunities for hotels and guests using the TwoDelight system. This integrated shopping cart system can be used as a virtual concierge for excursions, spa treatments, gift certificates, etc. and it can also be used for building grocery lists or creating your own wedding packages.

We just change the categories and you have a simple booking system that can be added by a link to your website. This system offers an inexpensive way to give your customers the ability to shop online through your website with ease and simplicity!

Virtual Concierge System

The TwoDelight Virtual Concierge System is pre-loaded with your particular destination activities and rentals. We do the work for you. We will list as many of the “well-known” excursion companies, car rental companies, spas, etc. in the area as your base system. If you have exclusive contracts with any vendors, we are able to limit your guests’ access to those vendors so that you can continue making your commissions as you do when your customer book directly with your concierge.

We highly recommend that your hotel have specific items that pertain only to your hotel as some of your sellable items on your virtual concierge system. Some suggestions are:

  • A basket amenity that offers wine, a logo item, assorted snacks
  • A private dinner at a romantic area of your property, i.e. on the beach, on the cliff
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Gift Registry System

How many weddings do you hold at your property each year? Do you accommodate guests who are celebrating a birthday?

This unique gift registry system built through the TwoDelight System offers your customer the ability to develop their own gift registry based on the items within the shopping cart and email/post their registry link to their family and friends.

What a great way to have a honeymoon paid for! Order some gift certificates, order a couples massage, what about a sunset cruise?

Client Feedback

"Two Delight's Virtual Concierge online system has been and continues to be a tremendous asset for Regent Palms. The web based program has not only increased resort incremental revenue as we have also seen an increase in guest satisfaction with our concierge services. This unique shopping tool offers a variety of items to our guests along with brief descriptions of the items. This allows the guest to plan their vacation without the need of making numerous telephone calls or sending numerous emails to the resort concierge team.

The benefits of TwoDelight do not end with our measured increase in top line revenues and guest satisfaction scores; TwoDelight has also helped control the expense of labor costs. The guest’s ability to shop online has reduced the amount of overtime needed by the concierge staff to immediately respond to enquiries by telephone or email.

With this unique online concierge tool friends of our guests have been able to purchase gifts for the traveler as a form of rewarding an employee, a gift of celebration for newlyweds, or just to say have a great vacation.

The quarterly cost is well worth the ROI in top line revenues, guest satisfaction, and reducing labor cost."

Dan Smith – Regent Palms Director Revenue Management

TwoDelight is inexpensive, easy to implement, and it will pay for itself many times over each month! Contact us for more details and to get started!

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