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Developed by a hospitality industry professional looking for additional revenue opportunities; TwoDelight was created to target specific destination concierge services to bring incremental revenues to your hotel. The idea is to create your own concierge items, i.e. dinner for 2 on the beach, wine basket, your hotel logo items, etc, and list them along with the base destination items that are pre-loaded for you. The pre-load includes items such as excursions in the area, car rental/limo service, and spa treatments.

What do you do when your concierge is new and not that familiar with the area? What do you do when your concierge is constantly tied up with guests in your lobby and they don't have time to answer the phone?

TwoDelight is your answer! This virtual system gives your customers direct online access and saves time and missed revenue opportunities.

Suzie Swan
Suzie Swan
Founder & President

TwoDelight is inexpensive, easy to implement, and it will pay for itself many times over each month! Contact us for more details and to get started!

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